Becca McInally Holistic Therapies - Mobile Holistic Therapy across Edinburgh and the Lothians
      "Don't hesitate, book a treatment with Becca. She is very skilled and such a lovely person. I currently have an injury and Becca's treatment compliments my physio. She has done wonders for my mums arthritis in her ankles and best of all she makes my (male) partner feel comfortable to get a massage, which he wouldn't go for in a salon. I have been getting regular treatments from Becca since last year and will never go back to a salon, as it's so much nicer to have in my own home." - Amanda A
     "Becca has worked wonders on my painful shoulder and her holistic approach to whichever treatment I am having makes me feel that my whole body (& mind!) are in safe hands. She has a lovely, calming, gentle technique but can get out the toughest of knots...and the most wonderful thing of all about Becca is that you feel like she really cares!" - Niki F
     "Having just recently retired I am absolutely delighted to have benefited from the expert treatments I have received from Becca . I have had an Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and a head and shoulders treatment all fantastic!!! Thank you so much and looking forward to our next meeting. Would recommend wholeheartedly!" - Libby M
     “My whole family, including 8 year old twin boys, have regular sessions with Becca – and she’s great! Unlike some therapists that claim to offer every therapy under the sun, Becca specialises in a few and has real expertise. We usually have Aromatherapy Massage or Reflexology. When asked for their opinion, our sons’ immediate responses were “very nice” and “very soothing”. What greater praise could a therapist wish for?!” - Benjamin C
     "I really enjoyed my treatment from Becca. I've had a lot of massages over the years both here, and abroad, but her technique is great. I had a Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage and I felt she really tailored the treatment for my needs. She was even able to work out the deep set knots around my shoulders...Amazing! Thanks again Becca and I'll look forward to our next meeting. " - Mark E
     "I met Becca studying Holistic Therapies at Stevenson College. From day one Becca was open, friendly and had a vibrant, positive energy buzzing around her. When we started our practical sessions, I was paired up with Becca. Throughout the while treatment I felt totally nurtured, safe and 100% chillaxed! Becca was already a qualified Reiki practitioner, and throughout college she introduced me to the therapy. I was completely taken into another world, and have no other experiences to compare it too!Now qualified and working as a therapist myself, I regularly go to Becca for a range of treatment, and always leave feeling calm balanced and very happy! Thank you!" - Megan M
     "Becca has a natural aptitude for healing, caring and helping others. Her outlook is always positive and she looks to make a positive change for others always." - Robin B
     "I've been seeing Becca for about a year now. I have severe anxiety and stress from my busy work/life. She initially offered me relaxing Aromatherapy treatments but later recommended I try Reflexology to help me on a more holistic level. I loved it! So calming and gentle but really very effective. I am sleeping better and feel a lot more in control. Thanks Becca!" - Lyn R 

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