Becca McInally Holistic Therapies - Mobile Holistic Therapy across Edinburgh and the Lothians
The question I am most asked by clients is 'how did you get into working in this area?', and the truth is, it was a very happy accident! 

Having worked in Kenya for a couple of years after finishing high school, a returned to the UK and worked for a couple of different charitable organisations, building my business and events experience. These years were very busy and demanding for me which was great, but challenging. As I was figuring out what area I'd like to focus my working on, finding my career path, I started trying various therapies to help me keep my feet on the ground, and deal with some of the stress and pressure I was under. My eyes were opened! I had never experienced anything like this before, and never really considered it as a path for me. I had always had an interest in natural and holistic health, and it certainly aligned with my desire to help people, so it all finally made sense! My subsequent research and studying began, and after almost 10 years in the business, I'm not going back!! 

I've worked on a mobile basis from 2010, coming out and seeing clients from the comfort of their own homes. Edinburgh is the perfect city to do this in as it's relatively small, so I'm not restricted to area, and the benefits to clients are great too. Of course the convenience of being at home is appreciated, but also, being able to stay warm and rest for longer after your treatment, not having to rush to put your clothes back on and go out into the 'real world' afterwards is really beneficial! 

As well as treating people from their homes, I have also worked in a variety of environment from multi-discipline clinics and yoga centres, to on-site corporate work in businesses of all sizes, as well as health events, fundraisers like the Edinburgh Moonwalk, Edinburgh Marathon and as part of the Scottish Government's healthy living initiative, 'Healthy T' at T in the Park music festival for 6 years. In 2011, I started volunteering at the Wester Hailes Health Agency, promoting health and well being in the local area, working alongside other health professionals. The following year, I started working with sister organisation the 'Westerhaven', a Cancer support centre, providing treatments to people living with, or affected by cancer. 
I am constantly studying and developing personally and professionally. I am insured through Holistic Services Insurance and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

When I'm not working, I love to be down on the beach by my home in Portobello, spending time with my family (especially my new baby niece, Ivy!), and travelling, both near and far from home. After lugging my backpack from hostel to hostel, I often feel I'm the one in need of a massage...

Reiki Level 1 Cert. - Robin Reiki 2007
Reiki Level 2 Cert. - Robin Reiki 2008
VTCT Dip. Holistic Therapies - Edinburgh College 2010
VTCT Cert. Indian Head Massage - Edinburgh College 2011
Pregnancy Massage Cert. - Inspire Massage Workshops 2012
Intro. to Thai Foot Massage - Inspire Massage Workshops at CAMexpo 2012
Intro. to Thai Herbal Compress Massage - Inspire Massage Workshops at CAMexpo 2012
Intro. to Counselling Skills Certificate - Edinburgh College 2012
Intro. to Ayurvedic Facial Massage - Puna Academy Workshop at CAMexpo 2013
Massage for people with Cancer - Level 1 - Iris Cancer Partnership 2014
Intro. to Reflexology for people with Cancer - Workshop at CAMexpo 2014
Advanced Clinical Massage for Headaches & Migraines - JING Workshop at CAMexpo 2014
COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate - Edinburgh College 2014/15
Intro. to Advanced Pregnancy Massage - JING Workshop at CAMexpo 2016
Intro. to Aromatherapy in Pregnancy and Childbirth - Expectancy at CAMexpo 2016
Diploma in Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage - Gateway Workshops 2016
Diploma in Hot Stones Massage - Gateway Workshops 2017
Diploma in Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal-auricular therapy) - Gateway Workshops 2018 

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